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Equity in ACTion

NCES Spotlight: Homeless Children & Youth

Nycole Stawinoga, Program Manager, Research and Communications

When thinking about educational equity, one group of underserved students that often gets overlooked is homeless children and youth. Children experiencing homelessness face an array

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A Teacher Who Found My Voice

Jim Larimore, Chief Officer

I don’t know if Winnie Beasley ever knew what an impact she had on my life. I was a shy 7th grader, a multiracial kid

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Teachers: The Heart of Rural Schools

Katie Gragnaniello, Manager, Partner Communications

Growing up in a rural town and attending a rural school meant our teachers had to be much more than teachers. Teachers who teach in

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Thank You: Teachers Who Believed in Me!

Nycole Stawinoga, Program Manager, Research and Communications

This week is National Teacher Appreciation week. When I think about all of the amazing teachers I had growing up, I am very grateful. I

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Music – Singing in the New Day

Tina McCoy Hearn, Program Director

The drowsy senses of elementary kids roused from the old brick school to the music ‘out building’ were best navigated on warped boards that were

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Teachers are Heroes: Miss Massey

Christina Gordon, Senior Director

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week, and that’s got me thinking about all the amazing teachers who changed my life. Every kid should be lucky enough to

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