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About Us

At ACT, we believe that talent and potential are widely distributed across society, and that the circumstances of a child’s birth should not determine their college and career opportunities.

The ACT Center for Equity in Learning combines and leverages the talent and resources of the ACT Office for the Advancement of Underserved Learners and the ACT Foundation to create a single unit with one aligned purpose and goal: helping underserved learners and working learners (individuals who are employed while also learning new skills in pursuit of greater success) achieve education and career success.

By focusing on equity, we are examining and addressing barriers to opportunity related to family income, race and ethnicity, and accessibility, and other issues that intersect with these areas of focus. The center’s work will include:

  • CONDUCTING research that illuminates challenges and opportunities and leads to actions that improve learning, access, and student success
  • WORKING with policymakers and other leaders on critical topics to increase awareness and understanding of issues impacting underserved individuals, families, and communities
  • EDUCATING students and their families on ways to improve postsecondary readiness and success
  • IMPROVING the accessibility of ACT programs, services, and resources
  • BUILDING partnerships and networks to foster collaboration to increase impact

Through purposeful investments, employee engagement, and thoughtful advocacy efforts, the Center for Equity in Learning supports innovative partnerships, initiatives, campaigns, and programs that help young people succeed in education and the workplace.

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