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‘Putting America First’ Means Investing in America’s Students and Jobseekers

By: Marten Roorda, Chief Executive Officer President Trump’s budget proposal, released this morning, paints a bleak picture for America’s students, families, and workers. Investments in critically important education and workforce development initiatives would be drastically cut and, in many cases, eliminated. The proposal would, if enacted, reduce the budgets of the U.S. Departments of Education […]

Survey by New America Sheds Light on Higher Education

By: Nycole Stawinoga, Program Manager, Research & Communications Today, a college degree is more essential than ever before to secure a well-paying job. Yet, almost anyone can tell you that the financial cost of attaining that degree is becoming more and more burdensome as college tuition, fees, books, and room/board costs continue to rapidly rise. […]

Brown v. Board of Education is 63, but Achieving Equity in Education is Still a Work in Progress

By: Nycole Stawinoga, Program Manager, Research and Communications On May 17, 1954, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that segregation in schools was unconstitutional. A major civil rights victory—the Court’s decision in Brown v. Board of Education was an historic and significant first step toward achieving educational equity for all students in the United States. Since the […]

ACT Corporate Giving: Funding Scholarships for Migrant Students

By: Maria Vasquez, Program Director ACT is committed to giving back to our communities, with the long-term aim of creating a lasting, social impact that aligns with ACT’s mission of helping people achieve education and workplace success. One way ACT gives back is through its corporate giving program, which provides charitable resources for initiatives that […]

A Teacher Who Found My Voice

By: Jim Larimore, Chief Officer I don’t know if Winnie Beasley ever knew what an impact she had on my life. I was a shy 7th grader, a multiracial kid trying to figure out how the different facets of my identity fit together – part of the much larger puzzle of figuring out what kind […]

Apprenticeships Spur Economic Mobility: Diversity and Working Learners

By: Shannon Hayes, Public Affairs Program Manager, Policy Diversity was a major topic of discussion last week at the first-ever international Apprenticeship Forward! conference in Washington, D.C., cohosted by the National Skills Coalition and New America. Companies, industry groups, and unions are reaching out to people traditionally underrepresented in their fields, including minorities, immigrants, women, […]

Teachers: The Heart of Rural Schools

By: Katie Gragnaniello, Manager, Partner Communications Growing up in a rural town and attending a rural school meant our teachers had to be much more than teachers. Teachers who teach in rural school districts, like many teachers across the nation, are the school. Their passion for education and betterment of community collide to create heart. […]

Thank You: Teachers Who Believed in Me!

By: Nycole Stawinoga, Program Manager, Research and Communications This week is National Teacher Appreciation week. When I think about all of the amazing teachers I had growing up, I am very grateful. I appreciate my first grade teacher, Mrs. Godfrey, for her encouragement. When I began first grade, I didn’t know how to read. With […]

ACT Cheers for Higher Education on College Signing Day

By: Nycole Stawinoga, Program Manager, Research & Communications On May 5, students, community and education leaders, and celebrities joined former First Lady Michelle Obama in New York City to promote College Signing Day—a national movement celebrating students committed to attending college. National College Signing Day stems from Mrs. Obama’s Reach Higher and Better Make Room […]

Music – Singing in the New Day

By: Tina McCoy Hearn, Program Director The drowsy senses of elementary kids roused from the old brick school to the music ‘out building’ were best navigated on warped boards that were slick with morning frost – one had to be careful with each step. Our daily march took us to the little building with cold […]

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