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A Deeper Look into STEM Readiness

By: Will Valet,Content Marketing Specialist Some students want STEM-related learning and career opportunities so desperately, they make their own. One example is Wyatt Tauber of Minnesota, whom ACT spotlighted during this year’s ACT College and Career Readiness Campaign. Wyatt is a self-starter and entrepreneur who operates a computer repair service from his home while still […]

Supports for English Learners to be Provided on the ACT Test

By: Juan Garcia, Senior Director @juang353 As announced late last year, starting this fall ACT will be providing additional support for students taking the ACT who are English learners. Why is this important you may ask? As a former English learner myself, I understand that learning a new language is already hard; you might master […]

Guest Blog: Dr. Bach Mai Dolly Nguyen

In June, the Institute for Immigration, Globalization, and Education at the University of California, Los Angeles, with support from the ACT Center for Equity in Learning, released The Racial Heterogeneity Project, which offers a conceptual lens and actionable steps for organizations, institutions, and states to improve data practices and more accurately capture and represent the […]

Guest Blog: Dr. Joyce Brown

Last week, ACT hosted our Distinguished Lecture Series, inviting exceptional educators who are reaching underserved students in extraordinary ways to our Iowa City campus. Joyce Brown was one of our guest speakers. Read on and be inspired. What inspires you about your work in education? I am inspired by the voices of countless former students […]

Guest Blog: Michael Bonner

By: Michael Bonner Last week, ACT hosted our Distinguished Lecture Series, which focused on exceptional educators who are reaching underserved students in extraordinary ways. Michael Bonner was one of our guest speakers. Read on and be inspired. You do some pretty creative things to inspire your students and get them excited about learning. What inspires […]

Roadtrip Nation’s Willie Witte: Lessons from the Road

Roadtrip Nation is sending three students on a cross-country road trip to interview inspiring people who have overcome struggles of all kinds to complete their education beyond high school. The Beating the Odds Roadtrip, fueled by ACT Center for Equity in Learning with advisory support from Better Make Room, hits the road later this summer. […]

Unequal STEM Preparation Further Entrenches Inequity in Education

By: Shannon Hayes, Program Manager, Government Relations ACT research, including our annual Condition of STEM report, has consistently shown that only just over a quarter of students who are interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields or majors are prepared to major in a STEM discipline in college. While national conversations about STEM […]

The Center Celebrates Milestone Birthday

By: Marten Roorda, CEO Not long ago, college was a privilege reserved for the fortunate few. If you had money, went to the right high school, and were born into a favored race or gender, there might be a place for you. If you lacked any of these attributes, the odds were stacked against you […]

Strategic Partnerships: A Year in Review

By: Juan Garcia, Senior Director It’s hard to believe that it has been a year since our launch. During this past year, we have strengthened our collaborative work with a number of key, external partners that share our commitment to helping all people succeed in education and the workplace. We’ve joined forces with the American […]

Social Impact: Making Our Mission Matter

By: Melissa Murer Corrigan, Vice President of Social Impact ACT has a broad and deep history of social responsibility. Focusing on social impact is inherently connected to our mission of helping people achieve education and workplace success. We live in dynamic times.  Our country faces challenges related to income disparity, equity, and education.  ACT recognizes […]

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