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Back to School: Junior High Jitters

By: Cindy Hoylman, Executive Secretary Back to school. Never in my life had I dreaded these three words more than in 1970. All summer long my stomach rolled at the thought of moving up to the junior high building. I lost sleep, had nightmares, tried to make myself have a terminal disease. I was scared […]

Reflections on Charlottesville

By: Jim Larimore, Chief Officer This weekend I had “the talk” AGAIN with my sons, two young multiracial teenagers, so that they can understand what happened in Charlottesville and the risks and racism and white supremacy that exist in the world they live in every day in this nation. Like many of you, my ancestors […]

Guest Blog: Roseina Britton

Interning with ACT Center for Equity and Learning was appealing to me because when I hear the term equity, I instantly think of the image of the three individuals looking over a fence into a ballpark. Equity showed fairness by giving each person a box to stand on; whereas, equality showed sameness by giving each […]

Back to School: Sixth Grade Stars

By: Christina Gordon, Senior Director Every year, when the class assignments got mailed, I called my friend Anice Williams to see whose class she was in. From the time we were in kindergarten, Anice and I were in the same class. Sixth grade was no different – we were again assigned the same teacher. That […]

Guest Blog: Maurice Swinney

This summer, we brought education luminaries to our ACT campus as a continuation of the Center for Equity in Learning’s Distinguished Lecture Series. We were honored to have Michael Bonner, Dr. Joyce Brown, and Maurice Swinney share with us their secrets to success. Learn more from Principal Swinney below. What’s the biggest change you’ve seen […]

ADA Turns 27, but Inequity Still Exists

By: Nycole Stawinoga, Program Manager, Research & Communications One week ago, the U.S. celebrated the 27th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The ADA is a federal civil rights law that was signed into law by President George H.W. Bush on July 26, 1990. This momentous piece of legislation prohibits employers, schools and […]

Beating the Odds Summit: A Conversation with Michelle Obama

By: Katie Gragnaniello, Manager, Partner Communications Last week, Jim Larimore, Amy Nicknish, and I had the opportunity to sit with Former First Lady Michelle Obama at the Beating the Odds Summit in Washington, D.C., as she offered encouragement and inspiration to local, first-generation college students preparing for their first year of college. The Former First […]

Committed to College and Career Success for Dubuque’s Underserved Population

By: Lew Montgomery, Director, Community Engagement On July 21, Juan Garcia, Roseina Britton, and I traveled to Dubuque to meet with Nancy Van Milligen, president and CEO; Julee Albers director of youth impact; and Laura Merrick, Project Hope coordinator from the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque. We discussed ways to work together to initiate programming […]

Connecting with Students Creates Magical, Remarkable Results

By: Katie Gragnaniello, Manager, Partner Communciations Last month, we brought education luminaries to ACT to discuss their real-world experiences working with students in need. We heard from North Carolina elementary school teacher Michael Bonner (you can hear from him in his guest blog, here), Chicago school counselor Dr. Joyce Brown (learn more from Joyce, here), […]

Standing Up to Summer Slide: Kids on Course University

  By: Amber O’Connor, Program Coordinator Last week, our team stood up to summer slide by volunteering at the Zach Johnson Foundation‘s Kids on Course University (KCU). Based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, “Kids on Course provides tutoring, enrichment, parent engagement strategies and health supports to put students on course to graduate college. Each child reaches his or […]

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