The ACT Center for Equity in Learning supports research that focuses on closing gaps in equity, opportunity, and achievement. Our goal is to produce evidence that guides thought leadership and informs changes in policy and practice—which will lead to improved learning and achievement.

As income inequality has grown in recent decades, the zip code a person is born in has come to play an outsized role in determining whether they will have access to the information, support, and rigorous learning opportunities necessary to prepare them for success in college.

To close this opportunity gap, we must take action to help students and their families better anticipate the demands—beyond academics alone—of postsecondary education and the workplace, and to plan and prepare for life after high school.

The Center for Equity in Learning’s work is grounded in the understanding that it takes more than academic abilities to succeed in education and the workplace. We work closely with ACT Research, the ACT Foundation, and a network of partner organizations to help individuals understand the skills they need to navigate life’s transition points and achieve success.

Recent reports from ACT or the ACT Foundation focus on topics including:

  • The condition of college and career readiness for first generation college students; students from low income families; African American students, American Indian and Alaska Native students; Asian American students; Pacific Islander students; and Hispanic students
  • Learning While Earning: The New Normal (Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce)
  • Beyond Academics: A Holistic Framework for Enhancing Education and Workplace Success
  • Building a Common Language for Career Readiness & Success
  • Dual Enrollment
  • STEM education

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  • The Racial Heterogeneity Project
  • Hispanic 2015
  • Asian American 2015
  • Pacific Islander 2015
  • First Generation 2015
  • African American 2015
  • American Indian 2015
  • Low Income Families 2015
  • Asian American 2014
  • Pacific Islander 2014
  • First Generation 2014
  • African American 2014
  • American Indian 2014
  • Low Income Families 2014
  • Linguistically Diverse 2014
  • Hispanic 2014

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