American College Application Campaign

What Is The American College Application Campaign?

The American College Application Campaign (ACAC) is a national effort to increase the number of first-generation college students and students from low-income families pursuing a college degree or other higher education credential. The primary purpose of this effort is to help high school seniors navigate the complex college application and admissions process and ensure they apply to at least one postsecondary institution. The effort occurs during the school day, with a focus on students who might not otherwise apply to college.

Beginning in 2014, ACAC programs took place in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The Campaign expands each year to include more high schools and students.

Why College Matters

Higher education will determine the future of our nation. Often, income inequalities are driven by a lack of access to college. Not only are college graduates half as likely to be unemployed as those with only a high school degree, they are also more likely to vote and be leaders in their communities. The economic health and social viability of a democratic society is determined by the education of its citizens. We must remove the barriers to postsecondary education access.

ACAC Chart depicting Unemployment Rate(abbreviated as UR) and Median Usual Weekly Earnings Rate(abbreviated as MUWER) for different levels of education. Doctoral Degree: UR(1.5%), MUWEWR($1,743). Professional Degree: UR(1.5%), MUWER($1,836). Master's Degree: UR(2.2%), MUWER($1, 401). Bachelor's Degree: UR(2.5%), MUWER($1,173). Associate's Degree: UR(3.4%), MUWER($836). Some College, no degree: UR(4.0%), MUWER($774). High School diploma: UR(4.6%), MUWER($712). Less than a high school diploma: UR(6.5%), MUWER($520).

Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics