One way that we’ve delivered on our mission is by showing up and working alongside the Latino student population and its advocates. For many years, ACT has been identifying and addressing key challenges to Latino student success in education and working to ensure that all Latino students have equitable opportunities to thrive. It’s an honor and a privilege.

We know that we cannot do this work alone. That’s why ACT collaborates across the Latino community and with organizations that work in direct service to Latino students, educators, and institutions. We know that the Latino population is rapidly growing. Their success is our success. Join me in celebrating three such relationships with organizations that have been instrumental in their service to Latino students and their success: The Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents (ALAS) is developing an exemplary cadre of K–12 superintendents and administrators who are highly prepared to lead districts toward equity, excellence, and achievement for all students, with an emphasis on marginalized students. Excelencia in Education (Excelencia) is accelerating Latino success in higher education—and mobilizing, supporting, and recognizing higher education institutions that intentionally serve Latino students and demonstrate positive outcomes. Univision is engaging Latino students, families, and communities with back-to-school campaigns, education fairs, parent workshops, videos, vignettes, and social media engagement to promote the importance of college and provide expertise and resources to help students to get there. We are very proud to support, collaborate with, and learn from ALAS, Excelencia, and Univision. They share ACT’s lived value of helping all people achieve education and workplace success. We have much more to do—and we are eager to work alongside other organizations and leaders like these.