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ACT’s Center for Equity in Learning  is committed to showcasing and supporting ACT’s efforts to close  opportunity and outcome gaps for all individuals, including: students  of color; first-generation students; families  with economic challenges; and exceptional and diverse  learners.

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Student Parent Success is a Force-Multiplier for Higher Education

One of my most persistent memories from my experience at the College of William & Mary as a young mom, apart from the late nights and exhaustion, is frequently feeling isolated and alone. I was not only one of few Black students on campus, but, as far as I knew, I was also the only young mother there.

August 2021
Nicole Lynn Lewis, founder & CEO, Generation Hope
Taking a Look at Public Transit and Community College Access

Are community colleges accessible by public transit? Does a student need to own a car to attend community college? Transit infrastructure is a critical component of community college access and affordability, but the absence of national survey data and analysis has hampered coordinated support for students.

July 2021
Ellie Bruecker, senior research associate, Seldin/Haring-Smith Foundation
Build Your Support System, Get Involved, and Be Proactive About Financial Assistance

What was your motivation for going to college and earning a degree? My main motivation for pursuing a college degree is my family; I am a single father of a daughter. My mother is also my motivation. She has taught me from a very young age about the value of an education. I am seeking a college degree to get a better job, specifically in information technology.

September 2021
Kossi Boluvi, ACT Scholar and Kirkwood Community College student

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