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ACT’s Center for Equity in Learning  is committed to showcasing and supporting ACT’s efforts to close  opportunity and outcome gaps for all individuals, including: students  of color; first-generation students; families  with economic challenges; and exceptional and diverse  learners.

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Unfinished College Applications: The Importance of Planning

December 2022 | Bryan Contreras, vice president education partnerships, Encoura

There is a sprint every fall semester. It’s not at the cross-country meet beneath a beautiful canopy of fall foliage, nor is it an athletic sprint on one of the many playing fields as fall winds turn to a cold winter blue. It’s the college application sprint to meet early decisions and priority deadlines.

Explore All Your Options

November 2022 | Lauryn Lovett, ACT communications summer intern

One of best things that you can do is apply for anything and everything you have an interest in. I am not the best writer, and I don’t feel like I had all the skills listed for my internship position, but I was interested in developing those skills, so I applied. If I only applied for roles that I had all the skills for, I would be overqualified and leave no room for myself to develop my skills and abilities.

Hard Work Pays Off

November 2022 | Nelson Rhomberg, ACT Scholar and Kirkwood Community College student

There are so many kids in Haiti who do not have the opportunity to go to school at all, which makes me appreciate it more that I get that chance.

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