ACAC Resource Category: K-12 Resources

The following resources are for additional support beyond the college application process. These resources can be used throughout the entire senior year and with younger grades.

In partnership with ACT, the American College Application Campaign has developed a Pre-College and Career Readiness Curriculum for Students and Their Families based on school counselor feedback. The curriculum-available in English and Spanish-provides students and their families an opportunity to become familiar with the language and processes associated with obtaining a postsecondary education diploma or credential. This curriculum is intended for middle and high school counselors and college access professionals who work with students to identify interests and lay the academic foundation for their careers and life.

Additionally, ACT and ACAC have developed the College and Career Awareness  Activities for Elementary and Middle School Students which augments the Pre-College and Career Readiness Curriculum. Feedback from school counselors led to this development of materials for earlier grades. The current version includes activities and lessons for pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, elementary and middle school students. The new materials were developed and shared by the College Foundation of West Virginia (CFWV) and GEAR UP Washington State.