ACT and ACT’s Center for Equity in Learning are committed to closing equity and achievement gaps by offering all students, regardless of their circumstances, the opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge they have acquired and increase access to high quality education. ACT’s accessibility efforts are designed to decrease barriers to learning and engagement by ensuring accessibility for all students.

“Accessibility” is defined by ACT as the degree to which an environment, service, or product allows access by as many people as possible, including people with disabilities. Through policies that lead our field in balancing fairness, transparency, and impact, we are creating a model for assessment delivery, reporting, preparation, and diagnostics that gives all learners the opportunity to confidently and accurately demonstrate their competence and proficiency.

Supports for English Learners

ACT provides supports on the ACT® test to U.S. students who are English learners. The goal of the supports is to help ensure that the ACT scores earned by English learners accurately reflect what they have learned in school. Most importantly for these students, the test results will be college reportable.

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