College Signing Day Excitement

Photo credit: Chuck Kennedy

Can you remember the thrill (and perhaps a little anxiety) you felt as you weighed your college decision? Would it be the right choice? Would you fit in? How would you manage the change to postsecondary? Imagine if you could bottle that feeling, and the excitement that goes along with it, and release it into an auditorium filled with thousands of others just like you. That was the energy in the room at College Signing Day last Friday at UCLA

As she has in past years, Michelle Obama, through her Reach Higher initiative and Better Make Room, brought together students to celebrate their college decisions for College Signing Day. The event, which coincides with others at schools and in communities all over the country in the month of May, is designed to acknowledge this fantastic milestone.

Photo credit: UCLA

This year, I had the privilege of attending in person, and seeing the joy and excitement that the students participating in the event felt. In a room filled with celebrities like Conan O’Brien, Usher, John Legend, Kelly Rowland, and Bebe Rexha, the true stars of the day were the thousands of young people who were declaring their intent to go onto college. The pride – from the students, their families, the celebrities, and Mrs. Obama – in the room was palpable. After years of work, whether it was in high school or community college (for students declaring a transfer), the participants in College Signing Day were pumped to celebrate and be celebrated!

I’ll never forget making my own college decision, but more than that, I’ll never forget the pure elation I felt in the room at College Signing Day 2019. Congratulations to everyone who was there in person, who watched from afar, and who is making a declaration this May. We are so proud of you and can’t wait to see what changes you bring to the world!