Complimentary Support for Juniors and Seniors

This article originally appeared in the American College Application Campaign (ACAC) April 2021 newsletter.

Although 2021-22 will likely feature a return to “normal” schooling, COVID-19’s effect on student learning and counselors’ bandwidth has been devastating. For many BIPOC youth and those from low-income families, this school year has been an almost complete loss. To recap: students from all corners of the globe have navigated the difficulties of ever-changing learning platforms, intermittent connectivity, melting familial finances, brutal mental health struggles, increased focus on racial justice, historic weather patterns, and so much more. Yet, despite these challenges, high school juniors, seniors and their respective counselors have persisted. Thank you sincerely for your tremendous efforts in the face of unprecedented adversity.

Together, we will persist! As students emerge from the grips of COVID-19 they’ll still need tremendous support, and we can’t expect this to only come from school counselors. This spring, seniors who don’t yet have a plan for the fall will need help making one. Juniors will need assistance as they build their college lists. Many sophomores and juniors will need guidance over the summer. Clearly the workload of school counselors will increase over the next few months and Get Schooled is here to help. provides best-in-class digital outreach and engagement support for school counselors and students – for FREE! Students love our content and appreciate that the tools are designed to help ensure juniors and seniors receive the on-demand levels of support they need.

Here are three ways you can tap into the power of Get Schooled and help students reach their full potential:

1. Personalized Student Textline

Get Schooled free, digital college and job advising textline supports for students by answering college-related questions, and can quickly connect them to an advisor. Students can get quick answers to their questions by texting #hello to 33-55-77.

2. breaks down the critical steps that students need to follow as they prepare for, apply to, and get into college (and so much more!). One hundred percent of our content is youth-friendly and mobile-first, and is increasingly in video format. Click on our search icon or log-in to get started! Remember to encourage your students to check out Get Schooled’s content on YouTube and TikTok as well.

3. Digital College Advising Packages

With hundreds of students to support, it’s hard to find time to develop your own digital college advising content and to stay up with the latest information. Don’t worry, we’ve done the work for you! Our FREE, Digital College & Job Advising Packages are full of turn-key digital and downloadable content you can send directly to your students.