Connecting with Students Creates Magical, Remarkable Results

Last month, we brought education luminaries to ACT to discuss their real-world experiences working with students in need. We heard from North Carolina elementary school teacher Michael Bonner (you can hear from him in his guest blog, here), Chicago school counselor Dr. Joyce Brown (learn more from Joyce, here), and Chicago principal Maurice Swinney. The trio discussed the importance of connecting with students and meeting them where they are, even as the students face issues like violence, homelessness, and less-than-ideal home and school conditions.

Do our guest speakers have super powers? Yes — but what’s more is that all three of them take time to invest in every aspect of their students’ lives. Getting to know their students, taking time and asking questions about their well-being is creating magical, remarkable results.

Get a glimpse of their magic in the videos below, and get inspired to learn more about how to invest in the whole student!

“Changing Mindsets”

“Connecting With  Students”