Education Fairs and Hispanic Heritage Month

By: Juan Garcia, Senior Director

Speakers are on stage to talk to people about Hispanic Heritage Month

As fall begins it is always an exciting time to reflect on a great summer and the moments that create lasting memories. Family, friends, our community and culture are all key parts of our lives and from September 15 to October 15, we also celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, recognizing all the contributions to our great country made by Hispanic and Latino Americans.

Why September you may ask? This month long celebration goes back to 1968 and begins each year as five countries celebrate their independence day on September 15: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua.

Another reason to celebrate fall are the events created by our partner Univision. The education fairs they host with us as partners attract thousands of families every year, giving Hispanic families information on how to help their students from the elementary years all the way to high school and beyond. These events, which reach Spanish-speaking population, engage a population that needs more information and resources to help their children succeed.

Univision televisio show

On September 23, Maria Vasquez and I were in Los Angeles at the University of California Northridge campus, where more than 10,000 families came to enjoy a day of learning, participating in workshops and gaining information relevant to help their students succeed. On September 30, we were on the road again in Phoenix at Phoenix College. Here more than 7,000 families felt empowered to be advocates for their students, and learned how to better communicate with their children and the schools they attend, taking a more active role to prepare them for college and career. And with the beginning of the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) season, families were able to get lots of questions answered about financial aid.

During the event in Arizona, a Facebook Live interview by Nataly Valenzuela from Univision Phoenix and myself had more than 51,000 views (see more here).

ACT’s Center for Equity in Learning is excited about and looking forward to this continued partnership and ensuring that thousands more families are empowered to achieve education and workplace success.