We’re Going to ACTNext’s ETCPS – Join Us!

Access to technology is essential to education success as well as workforce and community development. However, geographical, income-based, and racial/ethnic disparities in access to technology persist – both in and out of school. This “digital divide”—the gap between people who have sufficient knowledge of and access to technology and those who do not—can perpetuate and even worsen socioeconomic and other disparities for already underserved groups.

Our research, released last fall, showed that students from underserved backgrounds often lack access to technology (connectivity and devices) at home. We’ll dive into the digital divide and its effect on education equity as part of ACTNext’s annual Education Technology and Computational Psychometrics Symposium (ETCPS) October 9-10, 2019. We’ll also examine solutions and opportunities for success during a free pre-conference workshop in conjunction with the symposium.

Expert panelists will examine the digital divide, education technology (and other) solutions that may present themselves, and obstacles to and opportunities for success. Join us for this robust panel and the discussion that will explore this critical issue.


Dr. Nancy Lewin, executive director, Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents

Dr. Lily Matos DeBlieux, superintendent, Pendergast Elementary School District, Phoenix, Arizona

Adam Keune, co-founder and chief people officer, Higher Learning Technologies

Christina Gordon
, senior director, ACT’s Center for Equity in Learning

Ada Woo, senior director, ACTNext

This pre-conference workshop kicks off the ETCPS event and will take place Wednesday, October 9, 2019 from 10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. at the Coralville Marriott Hotel in Coralville, Iowa.

Registration for this session, as well as for the entire ETCPS event, is now open here. We hope to see you there!