Black Lives Matter: Working Toward a More Equitable, Accessible, and Just System

June 3, 2020

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A statement from interim CEO Janet Godwin

I’ve watched in horror as George Floyd was murdered. I’ve witnessed the peaceful protests across our country; the anguish, the grief, the outrage, the hope. I feel those emotions, too. And it’s why I believe we must do better.

ACT believes that Black Lives Matter. Black Students Matter. Equitable treatment – in education, as in all our systems – matters.

We were founded as a nonprofit organization more than 60 years ago to ensure that all people had equitable access and opportunity in education and the workplace. Our mission demands it, today and every day.

Never have our schools and education systems been more critical than they are at this moment. Ensuring that all students have equitable access to education is a bedrock for a healthy, just and inclusive democracy. And yet, institutional and systemic racism are real and persistent. The opportunity gap continues to leave Black students behind. It is imperative for the health of our democracy that our systems provide access to equitable, fair, and rigorous opportunity for Black students in order to ensure their success.

We believe that strong, equitable education is critical to helping our nation open its eyes to its deeply rooted racism and to ensuring that we are able to rectify and move beyond these injustices together, continuing the American legacy of always striving to create a more perfect Union.

On behalf of ACT and our 1000 employees, we are committed to working toward a more equitable, accessible, and just system. Today, tomorrow, and for the future.