Nancy Lewin

Senior Director
ACT’s Center for Equity in Learning

Dr. Nancy Lewin is a distinguished Senior Director at ACT Inc., leading the Center for Equity in Learning. With a passionate focus on equity innovation and improvement in educational settings, she spearheads program development and local-level initiatives that intersect with equity, innovation, and improvement in schools, districts, and postsecondary institutions.

In her current role at ACT, Dr. Lewin collaborates with internal and external partners to leverage ACT products, resources, research, and expertise that increases equity for students and educators. By developing strong relationships with organizations and associations focusing on equity, her leadership ensures that ACT’s mission aligns with diverse learners’ needs. She delivers strategic action because of her strong visionary perspective.

Over the course of a dynamic career spanning over 23 years in education, Dr. Lewin has been a driving force in advocating for equity and inclusivity.  Her passion for serving learners is grounded in her vast experience in education. She has previously served as a K-12 educator, a Special Education Director and Chief Academic Officer, and in addition to her work as education leader, she served as an adjunct professor of graduate-level coursework in school administration at University of St. Thomas.  At the heart of Dr. Lewin’s endeavors lies her commitment to fostering equitable opportunities for underserved populations. She champions access to information and opportunities, firmly believing that these are essential for the success of all students and leaders.

Dr. Lewin also led a national education leader non-profit organization in Washington, D.C. that is dedicated to supporting membership and empowering Latino administrators and superintendents, fostering diversity in educational leadership across the country. Her leadership in this capacity underscores her dedication to serving Hispanic and Latino learners and her belief in the transformative power of diverse cultural backgrounds in education.

Dr. Lewin holds a doctorate in professional leadership from the University of Houston and carries K-12 school district superintendent certificates in Texas and Virginia, reflecting her commitment to leadership and educational excellence. Her expertise encompasses specialized knowledge in Multiliteracy, Exceptional Education, Climate and Culture Setting, Curriculum Development, Professional Leadership & Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Fluent in Spanish and a firm advocate for multilingualism and multiculturalism, Dr. Lewin emphasizes the importance of being bilingual, bicultural, and biliterate. Her extensive experience and leadership with diverse educational communities further solidify her dedication to equity and inclusion for all.

Beyond her professional achievements, Dr. Lewin is a passionate learner with a love for innovation and technology. She believes in the importance of creating an inclusive and welcoming environment and spends her free time exploring new recipes, reading, singing, crafting, and cherishing moments with family and friends.

Dr. Nancy Lewin’s unwavering commitment to equity, cultural diversity, and creating inclusive educational spaces makes her an invaluable asset in the pursuit of educational excellence and societal progress.