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Senior Director
ACT’s Center for Equity in Learning

Dr. Nancy Lewin is a senior director in ACT’s Center for Equity in Learning where she focuses at the program and local level on the intersections of equity innovation and improvement in schools, districts and postsecondary institutions. She is responsible for the Center’s activities pertaining to school, district and post-secondary partner networks around improvement, innovation and equity aligned with the strategic focus of the Center. This includes the digital divide, student success for underserved populations, and leveraging the use of ACT products, resources, research and expertise in collaboration with internal and external partnerships.

Dr. Lewin emphasizes the need for developing and nurturing strong relationships with organizations and associations that focus on Hispanic and Latino learners. She has led the Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents as executive director and has 23 years of experience with specialization in Multiliteracy, Exceptional Education, Climate and Culture Setting, Curriculum Development as well as Professional Leadership. Dr. Lewin has vast experience in education. Her experiences include teaching and leading in K-12 schools, serving as Special Education Director and Chief Academic Officer. She has served in preparing individuals as school administrators as an adjunct university professor.

Dr. Lewin earned her doctorate in professional leadership at University of Houston and holds K-12 school district superintendent certificates in Texas and Virginia. She is a Rice Educators Entrepreneurial Fellow and has a love for learning, innovation and technology. Dr. Lewin is fluent in Spanish and believes in the importance of being bilingual, bicultural and biliterate. Her goal is to speak at least four different languages.

She is a champion for equity and believes that access, information and opportunity are essential to the success of all students and leaders. On the personal side, Dr. Lewin loves to create new recipes, read, sing, craft and spend time with family and friends.