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#ConnectedAndEngaged Twitter Chat

Twitter Chat

Postsecondary education and career training are the best pathway for long-term success and a lifetime of opportunity. With the onset of COVID-19, educators were forced to prioritize the more immediate needs of their students, staff, and the community.
This Twitter chat focused on the impact of that shift on college and career readiness, especially for Black and Latinx students and students of low-income background, and what it looks like during this extraordinary period of recovery. Leaders in the field discussed the trends seen nationally at the state level and how they should help inform their action plans.

ACAC Webinar: Why Host a College Application Event

The college application process can be intimidating and confusing, especially for students from low-income families and those who will be the first in their family to go to college. By joining the American College Application Campaign, high schools can develop strategies to ensure every senior has a plan and gets the opportunity to apply to college. 

ACAC Webinar: Being a School of Excellence in Difficult Times

Through the support of ACAC, state leaders, school staff, and community members provide students with individualized support and assistance as they prepare for and complete the college application process. Three School of Excellence recipients shared the strategies they deployed during the 2020-21 application season to ensure they reached students who needed support navigating the complex college application and admissions process. Join us to learn more about their efforts and how you can join the American College Application Campaign.

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