Student smiling in the classroom

Equity in ACTion

Taking a Holistic Approach to College and Career Readiness

By: ACT's Research & Test Development Departments: Alex Casillas, Kristin Stoeffler, Jason Way, and Becky Bobek.

Since 2012, the number of underrepresented students taking the ACT® test has increased by 26%, with the number of those students who aspire to attain

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SXSWedu Spotlights Equity & Access

Sustainably, collaboration, community, accessibility, health, and equity in education are not words commonly discussed in conversations at SXSWedu. Unlike years past, this year’s SXSWedu programming

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School Counselors Count

By: Christina Gordon, Senior Director

The role of the school counselor is critical to student success, both in school and as they look ahead to college and career. A new report out

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