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photo of Fatima Lopez

Stay Disciplined

By: Fatima Lopez, ACT Scholar and Kirkwood Community College student

The biggest challenge I experienced being a first-generation college student was the lack of financial support. Our family comes from a humble living, and I am trying to support myself while attending classes. Since my mother and siblings could not attend college, I did not have the knowledge or the experience to navigate applying to get into college. I also did not know the resources and support teams available to me.

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Unfinished College Applications: The Importance of Planning

By: Bryan Contreras, vice president education partnerships, Encoura

There is a sprint every fall semester. It’s not at the cross-country meet beneath a beautiful canopy of fall foliage, nor is it an athletic sprint on one of the many playing fields as fall winds turn to a cold winter blue. It’s the college application sprint to meet early decisions and priority deadlines.