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Equity in ACTion

Latinx Leaders Conquering the Equity Gap

By: Lori Swartzendruber, senior program manager

Equality in education. Equity in education. Equality in education is treating all students fairly and equally, no matter their race, gender, age, disability, religion, or

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South Carolina Celebrates 10 Years of College Application Month

By: Gerrick Hampton, Ed.D., associate director for student affairs, South Carolina Commission on Higher Education and South Carolina College Application Month state coordinator

What is College Application Month South Carolina? College Application Month South Carolina, or CAM SC, is South Carolina’s adaptation of the American College Application Campaign.

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Helping Iowa Students and Families Pay for College

By: By: Jamie Covell, community engagement consultant, Iowa College Aid

Over the course of this month, you’ll hear from financial aid experts about how their organizations are tackling this incredibly important step in the college-going process.

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Turning #WhyApply into #IApplied

By: Lisa King, senior communications specialist

Last month, we asked everyone – counselors, college advisers, mentors, community leaders, etc. – to share their #WhyApply to college reasons on social media. We

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Working to Minimize Student Loan Debt

By: Brittani Williams, financial aid and career development specialist, Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance

Over the course of this month, you’ll hear from financial aid experts about how their organizations are tackling this incredibly important step in the college-going process.

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La Lucha Sigue

By: Jessica Martinez Vasquez, University of Colorado-Boulder graduate

September 15-October 15 is traditionally observed as Hispanic Heritage Month. This month, we are featuring guest bloggers who are sharing their stories of what it

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Preparing Students Financially for College

By: Bill Rinkenbaugh, vice president of student services, Butler Community College

Over the course of this month, you’ll hear from financial aid experts about how their organizations are tackling this incredibly important step in the college-going process.

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Build Bridges So That No Student is Excluded from Opportunity

By: Nancy Lewin Ed.D., executive director, Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents (ALAS)

As we prepare for our panel, The Digital Divide, Education Technology & Education Equity, on October 9, prior to the ACTNext Education Technology and Computational

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Sixty Years of Answering #WhyApply

By: Marten Roorda, CEO

This blog originally appeared on Think back to 1958. Imagine a professor hunched over a desk, laboring over a handwritten list. After decades of

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Leveling the Educational Playing Field

By: Jim Larimore, Chief Officer

This article originally appeared on Since ACT’s founding 60 years ago, we have always believed every student deserves a fair opportunity to be successful.

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ACAC’s #WhyApply Day is Sept. 20

By: Lisa King, senior communications specialist, American College Application Campaign

Higher education will determine the future of our nation, yet often students from underserved backgrounds are not given the opportunity or support they need to

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It’s OK to Ask for Help

By: Gaby Flores, Center for Equity in Learning intern

As students across the nation head back to the classroom this month, we are celebrating First-Generation students. A First-Generation College Student is defined as a

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The Power of a Question

By: Melissa Caperton, director, American College Application Campaign

As the director of the American College Application Campaign, I was delighted to join the 2019 ACT Enrollment Management Summit as one of four “ED”

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BGCA Keystone Conference Inspires Future Leaders

By: Lew Montgomery, program director, with support from Amy Nicknish, program manager

We recently attended Boys and Girls Clubs of America’s National Keystone Conference. You can learn more about our work with BGCA below. What is the

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Guest Blog: Kids on Course University

By: Beth Malicki, board director, Zach Johnson Foundation

Summer vacation in America typically elicits images of family getaways and new adventures. But for about half of the children in Cedar Rapids, Iowa the

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A Delayed Census Would Hurt Education

By: Jim Larimore, chief officer

Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected the Trump administration’s argument that the 2020 Census include a question about citizenship, which caused President Trump to

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Creating Educational Opportunity Requires More Than a Dashboard Score

By: Alina von Davier, senior vice president, ACTNext; Jim Larimore, chief officer; Wayne Camara, PhD, ACT's Horace Man chair, Research

Originally posted on on May 29, 2019 Media coverage of the recent ”Varsity Blues” investigation and prosecution involving celebrities and wealthy parents generated a

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College-Bound Students’ Views on Paying for College

By: Gregory Kienzl, principal strategist, and Michelle Croft, principal research associate, ACT

The following blog is reprinted with permission from the Education Commission of the States. The blog originally appeared on EdNote. As a means to paying

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Celebrating Pride Starts with Supporting Students

By: Cassi Barker-Carr, principal strategist-diversity, inclusion, and multiculturalism

This blog originally appeared on Prior to becoming the Principal Strategist for Diversity and Inclusion at ACT, I spent more than two decades as

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Beating the Odds in Pursuit of Education and Career Success

By: Becky Bobek, PhD, director, Learning, Assessment, and Navigation Experiences Research

Navigating education and career paths involves making choices and meeting challenges along the way to achieving goals. Young people from underserved populations are particularly vulnerable

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Leadership in Action with ALAS

By: Lori Swartzendruber, program manager

April 29-30, 2019 marked the third annual Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents (ALAS) Legislative Assembly and Advocacy on the Hill, and the fifth annual

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Thanking Our Teachers-Our Unsung Heroes

By: Amber O'Connor, program manager

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week, a week dedicated to showing teachers and staff in schools across the nation appreciation for the important roles they play in

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College Fund Publishes College-Going Guide for Native Students

By: Matthew Makomenaw (Grand Traverse Bay Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians), College Pathways manager, and Amanda R. Tachine, Ph.D. (Navajo Nation), research and evaluation associate, American Indian College Fund

The American Indian College Fund, with generous support from the Andrew Mellon Foundation, has published an invaluable tool for Native American high school students seeking

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College Signing Day Excitement

By: Christina Gordon, senior director

Can you remember the thrill (and perhaps a little anxiety) you felt as you weighed your college decision? Would it be the right choice? Would

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College Signing Day

By: Jim Larimore, chief officer

Originally posted on May 1, 2019. As millions of high school seniors across the nation prepare to graduate, many of them are also making

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Guest Blog: Be Proactive About Your Future

By: Zahra Aalabdulrasul, student, University of Iowa

Applying for college was definitely a difficult experience for me during my last couple years of high school. Since I started high school, I was

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College and Career Navigation Leadership Roundtable

By: Katie Gragnaniello, manager, State and Federal Programs and Lori Swartzendruber, program manager

On March 21, ACT’s Center for Equity in Learning—in collaboration with our partners at Univision Contigo—convened a group of 100 education leaders and funders from

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Guest Blog: Here’s To Strong Women

By: Ruth Ray Jackson, associate vice president for academic affairs, Langston University

Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them. -Unknown Several years ago, I saw this quote posted

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Guest Blog: I am not supposed to be here…

By: Dr. A. Katrise Perera, superintendent, Gresham-Barlow School District

When I reflect on my formal education – and my leadership journey to lead a community of learners as the superintendent despite statistical disparities and

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Guest Blog: An Interview with the 2019 School Counselor of the Year

By: Brian Coleman, school counseling department chair, Jones College Prep High School and 2019 School Counselor of the Year

What are some of the challenges in school counseling today? The most persistent challenges I see are: Imbalanced counselor-to-student ratios. The absence of school counselors in

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Mentoring: An Easy Way To Give Back

By: Amber O'Connor, program manager

January is National Mentoring Month, launched in 2002 by the National Mentoring Partnership (MENTOR) and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health to raise

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Guest Blog: My Mentor: Mrs. Jensen

By: Bre Kenney, freshman, St. Mary’s University

January is National Mentoring Month. Mentors can play an important role in young peoples’ lives and the need for mentors has never been greater. This

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Happy Holidays

  We are wrapping up another busy year in ACT’s Center for Equity in Learning. We will be taking some time off from our usual

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Dual Credit Classes Made Possible Through Pell Grant

By: Victoria Guerrero, junior, Early High School

ACT recently hosted a convening, which gathered together several postsecondary institutions who are participating in the U.S. Department of Education’s Pell Grants Dual Enrollment Experimental

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College Horizons Fills College Access Gaps

By: Dinée R. Dorame (Navajo), associate director, College Horizons

College Horizons is a nonprofit organization that encourages and facilitates the higher education of Native American, Native Hawaiian, and Alaska Native youth. This year marks

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We Are #ThankfulForEquity

By: Amber O'Connor, program manager

Thanksgiving time is upon us. It seems to come back around quicker each year. With so much going on in the world today, we wanted

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We Need American Indian and Alaska Native Educators

By: Susan Faircloth, Ph.D. (Coharie), professor & director, School of Education, Colorado State University

Growing up, I was certain I would never be an educator. I dreamed of being a lawyer, FBI agent, world traveler – anything but a

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Closing Attainment Gaps at Native-Serving Institutions

By: Ken Pepion (Blackfeet), senior project director, WICHE

Recognizing the widening gaps in the postsecondary attainment of American Indians and Alaska Natives (AI/AN) compared to majority students, the Western Interstate Commission for Higher

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College Fund Creates Pathways for Native Student Success

By: Matthew Makomenaw (Grand Traverse Bay Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians), College Pathways manager, American Indian College Fund

The demand for a college degree in the workplace is increasing, putting Native Americans at a disadvantage. With only 13.8 percent of American Indian and

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ACTNext ETCPS 2018

By: Andrew Cantine, manager, ACTNext Publications & Communications

From October 3‒4, ACTNext convened its annual Education Technology and Computational Psychometrics Symposium (ETCPS) in Iowa City, a recognized hub for innovative psychometric research. The

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The Power and Promise of “Indigenuity”

By: Jim Larimore (Comanche), chief officer

Native American Heritage Month is observed in the month of November. We will feature stories from Native Americans, or institutions who serve them, and their journeys, their struggles,

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In Search of the American Dream

By: Oscar Miranda, student, George Mason University

I am a first-generation immigrant and college student. I come from a small poor town in Guatemala where opportunity and a future look dim and

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Narrowing the homework gap

By: Raeal Moore, PhD, senior research scientist, and Dan Vitale, policy editor, ACT

Imagine going to school and being asked to complete a homework assignment that requires you to search for material online and write a brief summary

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